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Reflex Newbie League

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What is Newbie League: 
A friendly environment where new players can improve with coaches and other players of similar skill, with a league style tournament to keep track of your teams progression! Unless you are on Xyta’s team. Then it will probably be like a military boot camp. We are sorry.
Good Vibes only peace=all

4 teams consisting of: 4 newbies + 1 coach
Practice nights at least once a week
Round robin group stage where 2 duel and 1 doubles games are played each week
Single elim playoffs bracket in the last week to crown the winning team!

Registration: Please read this entire forum post so you understand the rules! Join the Reflex Newbie League Discord (https://discord.gg/DyTppDY) and write your: region, generally available times, are you available as a streamer, and your estimated skill level (1-4). 1 being completely new, 4 being I understand the basics but I struggle to execute them.

  • If you register during the week then you will be placed on a team as a sub or backup player in case a normal team member cannot participate.
  • If you registered in the preliminary period before this forum post and now would like to de-register, please let an admin know.
  • If you are an experienced player and would like to register as a coach or a backup coach, please do!

Group Stage Round 1: Sunday, 11/25 or before
Group Stage Round 2: Sunday, 12/2 or before
Group Stage Round 3: Sunday, 12/9 or before
Playoffs: Weekend of 12/16, date/time TBD


Practice Nights: Teams should agree on a common time at least once a week so that they can get together with their coach and practice if they have any hope of winning the tournament!


League Format: 
Group Stage (Round Robin)
Each team will play a different team each week. In the 4th week, we will go into playoffs. Playoffs will be single elimination, seeded based off of your score from the group stage.

Each week consists of:

  • 1 Duel on alpha map pool
  • 1 Duel on beta map pool
  • 1 Doubles game

The team that wins best 2 out of 3 from these matches is considered victorious over the other team for the week.
As a team, privately:

  • Assign one of your players to play in the alpha pool duel
  • Assign one of your players to play in the beta pool duel
  • Assign two of your players to play in the doubles match
  • Each player on the team can only be used once!  i.e. if you play a 1v1 set you can no longer play in the other sets.
  • Message your match assignments to an admin, so they can reveal all of the matchups at once.


Maps for each week:


  • Alpha Pool Duel: The Catalyst
  • Beta Pool Duel: Aberration
  • Doubles: Thermal Blast


  • Alpha Pool Duel: Pocket Infinity
  • Beta Pool Duel: Driven
  • Doubles: Phobos


  • Alpha Pool Duel: Simplicity
  • Beta Pool Duel: sohtourney3
  • Doubles: Ironguard


The playoffs in the final week will be a single elimination bracket. Your team’s seed in this bracket will depend on your wins in the group stage. Each match in the playoffs will be the same as matches in the group stage (2 duels, 1 doubles), EXCEPT with the addition of a CTF match and a possible ACE match tiebreaker - the 2 duels and 1 doubles match is still played, WITH THE ADDITION of a 4v4 CTF match. If a team wins 3 out of 4 of these matches (2 duels, 1 doubles, 1 CTF) they will be crowned the victor of the tournament. 

The ACE Match is played. The absolutely most hype/min for 10 minutes possible in gaming.

The ACE Match: Happens if two teams tie in their playoffs match e.g. Team A wins both duels but Team B wins the double and the CTF game. In the Ace match, both teams will put forth their best dueler in a fight to the death on a Kenya map in a best of 1. Whoever wins this best of one will decide the victor of the match!

Scheduling Matches: THIS IS IMPORTANT - You must schedule your league games with your opponent team of that week (check challonge) BEFORE THE MONDAY OF THAT WEEK. We recommend scheduling your league games on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Try to play all of the matches at once so they can be streamed/recorded easily - if this is not possible, please tell an admin. Message the opposing team for that week to agree on a day/time, then notify the admins.

Map Pool:

  • Duel Pool Alpha: The Catalyst (t7), Pocket Infinity (t2), Simplicity (dm13)
  • Duel Pool Beta: Aberration (dp10), Driven (gt5), sohtourney3 (soht3)  
  • Doubles: Ironguard, Phobos, Thermal Blast
  • CTF: Future Crossings, Spider Crossings, Monolith
  • ACE Match: Outworld (eizdm4), sohtourney2 (soht2),  Use and Abuse (cpm3a) 

We have two duel map pools as there are two 1v1s to be played and each team will have to choose who they think is their best duelers and assign them to a Duel Pool Alpha or Beta 

Map Picking:
Map Picking will only occur in the playoffs. See the map assignments for each week in the “Group Stage” section above.

Map picking for the different types of matches will look very similar, as there are only 3 maps in each pool.
For both duel matches:

  • Both players type roll 100 into console (to open console, hit the ~ key)
  • Loser of roll drops a map
  • Winner of roll drops a map
  • The remaining map is played

For the doubles matches:

  • One player on each team types roll 100 into console
  • Team with losing roll drops a map
  • Team with winning roll drops a map
  • The remaining map is played

For the CTF match:

  • One player on each team types roll 100 into console
  • Team with losing roll drops a map
  • Team with winning roll drops a map
  • The remaining map is played


  • Both players type roll 100 into console
  • Loser of roll drops a map
  • Winner of roll drops a map
  • The remaining map is played

The rules may change, ask an admin if you need any clarification!

Vanity Awards:
Most Improved
Up and coming
Rising star
Best doubles team
Most Likely to Rat 
Most Likely to +f 
Died the most 
Fragged the most 
Best Memer 
Best Chatbinds 
Most unorthodox style 
Most orthodox style 
Biggest Stoner 

  • Suggest more in the comments!


Teams (Teams are formed by the admins, and may not be final depending on signups)
Team A: Dea, Chief, Phoxx, AndrOOF 
Team B: Ryker, Dart, Always Unfortunate (m0p), Hammershaft
Team \C: Ecksehrin, Mailman, Hammeh, Silverwist 
Team \D:  Slowdive, Spaz, TBD, TBD

You will be able to name your team, the A,B,C,D names are just temporary placeholders. Message an admin with your team name once you have discussed it with your team.


Backup coaches: You can ask these coaches for help regardless of your team, and they can fill in for practice nights if your actual coach cannot make it that night.
Poma (NA-W)
soh (NA-W, not dedicated)
Jaguar (Saturday or Sunday evenings UK time zone) 
Owl Ragnar (EU)





https://discord.gg/Kvbc6Bh - Newbie League Discord (Required)
https://discord.gg/4eSrAzK - Official Reflex Discord (Recommended)


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