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46 kills vs bots on FFA: Fusion

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Hi. I suck at this game but have got 46 kills vs the bots in the default setting of Play>> Bots >> Play (FFA: Fusion selected)


I know all the bots predictable behavior.


I would be grateful if a pro could upload a demo beating my 46 kill record. Most grateful. Thanks , bye.


PS Does anyone know how I can increase the length of these games. They are only 5 or 7 mins long (not sure). I would prefer 10min to be the default

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You can actually play with bots on any workshop map that supports it, just click host game and find a map with a bot icon next to it. Then after loading it type in console (hit the tilde ~ key):  sv_addbot x y  and you can add as many bots as you like.
with x being the difficulty, 1-100 and y being the team 0-1 (this doesn't matter if you're just playing ffa).


To change the timelimit you can do  callvote ruleset competitive, the only difference between casual and competitive rulesets is 5 vs. 10 min timelimit and competitive has item timers disabled. Alternatively if you are on your own listen server, sv_timelimit_override x   where x is the timelimit.

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