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etk_tourney_1 [WIP]

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So I finally learned how to do stuff in the editor, and it eventually turned into this. Still not finished though, cosmetics and wall aesthetics still need to be added.


Screens: http://imgur.com/a/MlRZj


Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!0U8WUS5A!SHRO1oYSkkHzssBsjCl3hE54Pl9l6ymkWNQvvBNMnhk


Thanks to Zita, Arkore, Remzi for helping me and anyone else who tested with me.



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Played this last night against gramz, need more game time on it but here are my first gripes...


Green armor next to the Red room seems really tacked-on and not useful, the area itself is actually nice to hide in and spam from if someone is controlling red but the green here is basically useless. I think that rail + teleporter (I think theres a YA here too? I was only ever able to go through it twice) should be moved back so rather than be directly in the line of sight of the red room entrance, it should be back farther and closer to that GA room entrance so you could either walk up stairs and get into it or have some kind of easy jump to get up there and make your way into the hallway. Would also make for a nice trap room if you move back the RL from the RA room and replace the GA with it and add armor shards or something along the back wall of the room.


I'm not sure which one I would prefer keeping, but I don't like the way RA and Mega are balanced around the same design gimmick of "high-up exposed platform which favors the faster trick-jumper". I think you should either redesign the mega placement off a high platform like that or the same for red, but considering the work put into the red room it would probably be easier to redesign the mega room.


The YA below on the bridge to mega TP should probably be moved, it just didn't play out well. Could be moved back to the hallway behind mega room leading to that teleporter next to red room.


I really liked the really high walljump you can do out of that mega hallway to get all the way up to that upper platform, although I usually couldn't make it that high.


Overall just needs some design changes and flow adjustments to already make it stand out among the current duel maps as having a much more defined structure of gameplay.

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