Similar to Praxismo's     But this is my version, and I prefer to call it "textures".   Download   UPDATE: Download the new: (lights, stairs, slipgates, octagon trim blocks, etc.)  Also has clip, water, and lava textures.     These texture blocks are in alphabetic order, from top to bottom;  similar to viewing the listing of materials in the ContentBrowserHack.   Column 1 = Main (grid) textures. Column 2 = Main (no-grid) version. Column 3 = Trim version.   Column 4 = Lights.   ---   How to use: 1. Put in your reflex/base/internal/maps/ folder. 2. Run Reflex, go to console, and type: map textures 3. In console, type: savemap mymap 4. Them type: map mymap 5. Begin editing/making your map.   Select a textured block, and press "K" to get (set to active material) the texture from it.  Now select your block, and press "M" to apply that texture.   ---   UPDATE: