Fairly simple map, circle jumps ranging from 260u to 420u increasing by 20u each "level". Teleports to reset and take you to the next level and the final teleport returns you to the first level. Almost no eye candy outside the teleporters. I left a little bit of wall on each side if you wanted to practice wallstrafing into circlejumps. Thanks to KovaaK and Praxismo for general help with the teleport texture I was messing with and to gr8stalin and Wari for general feedback.   Screens:   Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/46   It's a pretty simple map so I'm like 90% sure I didn't fuck anything up but if I did let me know and I will fix it.   EDIT: Quickly did a few changes to make a few things look a bit nicer and less blocky. Will update screens later. EDIT2: Released revised version EDIT3: Another revision released with some minor trim and two way teleport added