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Christmas Tree Group Building

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Let's do Saturday the 20th as Blindlight suggested.  7pm EST to as late as you can keep your eyes open?


Go ahead and start on the property lines.  No idea how large the neighborhood should be or how many people the server can support at one time.  Most servers have 8 slots so we'll want at least 8 basic houses to start with.  We'll want a street and sidewalks, mailboxes, and snow men galore.


How about a 4 way intersection with a london circle and xmas tree in the middle?  That way anyone that wants to work on a larger tree can do so.  Plus we'll have a playable neighborhood for FFA, TDM, or eventually CTF.  Could make all spawn locations inside of houses.


Eventually would be awesome to encompass the whole neighborhood inside of a giant snowglobe.  That's something for the distant future because we don't have that capability.

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OK... created a Christmas Tree Arena... 8 yards with hedges and gates, with small houses in neo-Gothic style (with some imagination). Central larger abstract Christmas tree created, road with stripping around that and sidewalks too.


Preview of Christmas Tree Arena (at Quake3World), uses 727 brushes


Created it in about 2 hours using GTKradiant 1.6.4... there will yet be some preliminary colouring in the map... e.g. brown porches and black road, white stripes on road, lawn, hedges and tree green... everything that is not textured will be darkcaulk to keep the lightmap compile time down. The houses are in darkcaulk, to let the mapper "colour" their home as they please. And of course anything can be changed by the mappers later on the server... all this is just a starting point.


Kinda ironic that the framework for the Reflex multiplayer mapping demo is actually created with another tool. Then again an Radiant is "just" a tool... and is used for many games, now also Reflex.


I am not sure about adding entities other than player spawns... not sure either if we should have coloured blocks under the map, to let folks more easily grab colours. Or if the use of the Content Browser Hack will be needed.


And in case someone is wondering, I did have a snowman in the yards, based on three Radiant primitive spheres (brushes not patches)... these actually crashed Reflex after converting the map, so no snowmen... create your own  ;).


Any suggestions for additions to the map welcome... try to keep it reasonable though... especially entities, possibly teleporters, etc would be interesting...

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Time: 20th December @ 7pm EST

Server: us.reflexdev.org:25800


I should be around providing occasional map saving and I can put up more servers if that one gets full. Replays are set to record and timelimit is set to an hour so make sure mode is FFA and the game is in progress before you do any editing. Server isn't public so random trolls should be minimal.

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For us dummies:


Time: 20th December @ 7pm EST, that is 21st December 1am CET (in about 8 hours)


Over at the Reflex group on Steam, added an event and an announcement:


Reflex Level Editing & Modeling


If you have not done so, you might like to join that Steam group, I am pretty sure it will be used to announce more things in the future... once I figure out how things work.

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Anyone who missed it, did miss something pretty unique happening... it is indeed interesting to see what others have done in the very same time span one was working on the own stuff... then peak at the neighbours and check what they created.


Having basic framework for everyone to work off of was a good thing though, would have been much more chaotic otherwise... I think.

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Entire 4 hour event captured from my POV.



Christmas tree with lighting and presents at the based was accomplished as a neighborhood center piece.  r_bloom 1 is required to see the different colored lighting otherwise they're all just white with r_bloom 0.




View of the whole neighborhood and Christmas tree.




NewBorn represented the Reflex development team by creating an Australian Christmas Theme. It features a barbeque grille and a case of beer in the sandy and patchy front yard. There are some trash bins on the side of the house which transformed it into a very down to earth house to hang out at. About the only missing iconic imagery of Australia would be a crocodile laying in the front yard with a kangaroo in its mouth. Newborn fashioned a great representative house for the Australian development team. Shooter did make an appearance but was plagued by connection issues. When the developer can't keep a stable connection to an event like this you know that is going to be put high on the todo list.




If you ever encounter a spider the size of the Redback spider (black widow) on Newborn's roof you probably couldn't run away fast enough. It's a menacing monster that serves as a reminder of Australia's dangerous wildlife.




Devils House.  2-story house with eye-shaped windows and horns replacing the chimneys. Eldrek peed his name in my lawn. Quite the healthy bladder to write out a full sentence. :P  People seemed to like the window design and horns on the roof. The snowman in the front yard was made from 8x8x8 blocks and was the best geometrical representation of a real snowman thought it lacked the personality of Blindlights.




Aeon's House features a Coca-Cola truck, huge present, and Christmas tree in the yard.




Meowgli's Pimp Shack.  Not really a Christmas theme but he participated and had fun.



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Eldrek and Blindlight combined their houses to make one big Holiday House of Awesomeness.  Snow shoveled walkway, tree house with bridge to house, tire swing, front porch swing, Menorah, snowman that looks like Olaf from Frozen, Santa, sleigh, and reindeer.  Blindlight made the reindeer and snowman.




Googly-Eyed Santa embodies the purpose of the project to be a fun one instead of taking itself too seriously. Rudolph makes an appearance but the rest of the reindeer were unfortunately on a strike for reindeer rights. The brush work required to make the sleigh, Santa, and the reindeer received a lot of praise. Definitely the highlight of the entire map because of the brush work involved.




Aeon's House of Horrors.  There was a house left over that went unclaimed so I believe Aeon turned it into a Halloween theme just for fun.




Arkore's House (not sure but think this was Arkore).  Great use of white brushes on top of hedge and trees to make a snow effect.  Since we were neighbors I just continued that onto my property to keep a uniform look.  Neat effect and looks great for  a winter theme.




We also had constant connection issues and 1 server crash however the map was always saved and we could pick right back up where we left off.  No idea how that happened but it was nice not to lose any work.  I think everyone was disconnected at least twice during the 4 hour event, some upwards of 5-6 times.  Something really needs to be done about the netcode and disconnection issues.  It was definitely a factor however it didn't impede progress but for a few minutes at a time.  I'm sure everyone had a great time regardless of connection issues.


One of the neatest things about this event is that it demonstrated how much could get accomplished casually in about 4 hours by 8 people.   Thanks to everyone that participated it was a lot of fun.  Looking forward to doing it again next year for an even better looking neighborhood.  Big thanks to Aeon for building up most of the map for everyone to get in and quickly start making some neat stuff.  Aeon did a lot of work before hand to get the map ready for everyone. 

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Yeah, that was fun... I already have ideas for the next one... SciFi themed map... going all-out in architecture.


The reason for limiting the size of the plots and the houses was: I wanted the view distance to be such that you can see the other side of the map in one view, to avoid issues occurring with the "view plane" culling geometry. I think the size was large enough, though one could have gone out back behind the buildings.


One thing that would really be nice are name tags floating above the player models, or some way to recognize them better. That way it would be much easier to see with whom you are talking... and who did and is doing what in the map.


E.g. someone added those chain lights to the red truck, that was a really nice touch, no idea who did it though. Another mapper (it seems) created the tiny air-freshener in the truck's front window in the form of a Christmas tree... also a nice touch.


Another thing that turned out happening... when the map on the server is being edited, and that quickly due to up to 8 folks making changes simultaneously, anyone who dropped out and wants to connect, cannot do so, since once the map was downloaded from the server it was no longer up to date, thus invalid. The connect then failed. All mappers on the server had to stop work to let another player connect. Not sure how this can elegantly be fixed... an auto-turn-off-editing-mode-on-connect might work or really turn out annoying for those wanting to create. Maybe some form of incremental map loading could help, i.e. the connecting loads the map as it stands, then just before connecting, a map verify updates only the difference between download and most current map state. Probably easier said then done ;).


Since the mappers taking part were all very level-headed, discipline was really high, every one worked on their plot, and no one seems to have messed around with the others work... very commendable. But the game might need "idiot"-proofing for the future, to be able to remove "idiots" and undo their "damage".


The "auto-saving" worked pretty well.


I can now actually understand the appeal of a "continuous world" that evolves like a mindcraft-kind-of-deal.


Anyway, I really enjoyed the event. Thanks to newborn for setting up the server. I would like to think the event was history in the making... sorta.



Devil, could you "dump" the text onto a page on the wiki, and more importantly upload the images to the wiki? That way the images will not get lost in time. I would then format the page. Page could be called... "Pre-Christmas Multiplayer Mapping Event - December 2014". And put the images into a new category called: [[Category:Event images]]... thanks.

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Shooter getting credit for all my hard work! Here is the finished version. I got to work on it a bit after everyone left and I stopped lagging out.




I have no idea if anyone outside of Australia will relate to anything except the giant spider but all the snow was weird to me -- I haven't seen snow in 25 years, let alone in the middle of Summer ;)

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