Our Windows dedicated server binaries are now available through Steam. The recommended way to set up a dedicated server is:   Ports: Reflex uses ports 25787 and 25797 so open/forward them.  If you want to run multiple servers on the same box, you will need to forward 2 additional ports per server (one for the game, one for the steam connection) Installing and updating with steamcmd: Grab steamcmd from this page (which also has full instructions on its usage). You can install / update the server with: steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir ./reflex_ds +app_update 329740 +quit Once installed, edit the dedicatedserver.cfg file -- most of the values are pretty self explanatory but the key ones are sv_hostname, sv_gameport and sv_steamport. Since we don't specify countries yet, its nice to append [AU], [uS], [EU] etc to your sv_hostname. Running multiple servers: The easiest way to run multiple servers is to simply send command line arguments to override the values in dedicated.cfg An example of this would be: reflexded.exe +sv_hostname FooBar Server #2 +sv_gameport 25788 +sv_steamport 25798 Recording replays (Not recommended): Replay recording is deliberately broken for servers right now but it's just a missing path. If you want to record replays, create the folder /replays We currently don't offer any way to limit the number of replays stored on a server and they'll happily chew up your entire drive if you don't delete them occasionally. Right now, there is no way for players to actually download replays from servers. The most common solution right now is to run a webserver that serves the contents of /replays.  Recording replays is really not recommended right now. Running the test branch: Grab the test branch through steamcmd and run as usual: steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir ./reflex_ds_test +app_update 329740 -beta test +quit